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David Bravo | Kashba | Paul Borons | Robocicla | Toque a Bankia | My Open Source Cure | Scann | ocax project | Petra Cortright | and much more surprises that we aren’t going to unveil here :-)

actress: Agnés Mateus | music: Miguel Gozalbo | La Màquina de Turing | Motion graphics: Martín Fernández

The following team has made the oxcars possible
Organised by Xnet | Artistic coordination: Conservas | Staging: Simona Levi | Content coordination: Xnet, Simona Levi, Ángela Precht | Technical coordination: Xavier Gibert, Simona Levi, Maddish Falzoni, Marc Koulomek, Miguel Gozalbo, Cube | Webmistress: Maddish Falzoni | Community manager: Sergio Salgado | Video: Lectrovision | Streaming: Communia | Translations: Nu Rodríguez, Eva Reyes, Manu Simarro | Photos: Edu Bayer | Catering: Bibi
Participants details


David Bravo

Is an attorney specialized in intellectual property and computer law. Represents p2p software developers and/or links pages. He often participates in discussions and conferences defending the need to adapt the classic patterns of intellectual property to new uses that people make of it in relation to new technologies.



Kashba is born from the enthusiasm for the investigation of the warmest electronic music, from the recognition of the most sincere feelings. It is made up by two members of the Telenoika audovisual community: K-sero, known for his long trajectory as an electronic musician and member of los Subwoofus and Babi Rodríguez, Babió VJ, visual artist now dedicated to project her voice. The result of this union is condensed in atmospheres ranging from hip-hop rhythms to the echo of the cultures, but mostly, and avoiding labeling, it represents the birth of new musical personality.


Paul Borons

“Odio las mates” is the title of a series of videos made by Paul Borons and published on his blog where he mixes simple mathematics with intelligent and absurd humor to explain various aspects of the economy that for many can spend undetected.



It is a constantly evolving project that was born in 2010 in Extremadura. They rank among the arts, technology and creative recycling, working with a clear pedagogical approach to promote free practice environment trying to translate knowledge of free culture narratives to children’s, youth and family audiciences. It is a changing multidisciplinary team of artists, designers, geeks, architects, philologists and cultural producers whom from robocicla’s ship are working to promote the values of hacker’s ethic through transmedia and dynamic teaching materials that foster creativity.


Toque a Bankia: herramientas en la red para la lucha en la calle

Es una campaña de presión que tiene como objetivo bloquear el funcionamiento de las oficinas de la entidad mediante acciones presenciales coordinadas a través de una herramienta online.


My Open Source Cure

After being diagnosed with brain cancer, the italian hacker salvatore iaconesi, decided to hack his medical report as it was in a proprietary format and needed to consult with other doctors. That’s how this project was started by inviting the open source community to get information about their disease and give him a cure: creating a video, a work of art, a map, a text, a poem, a play or trying to find a solution for their health problem.


scann – evelin heidel

vía libre foundation member and public leader of Creative Commons Argentina. Co-founder of diy (do it yourself) scanners project, an Initiative to build low- cost scanners for the mass digitization of books with collaborative technology of “p2p production”, currently in use at several public libraries. Founding member of bibliofyl. Involved in several research groups on copyright and access to culture.


ocax project (municipal citizens observatories)

Through the ocax’s project from the Platform for Citizen Debt Audit, they step in front and opt for municipal citizen audit processes open, public, continuous and decentralized. Since the project ocax provide an easy to manage software to enable all citizens for making public consultation to the respective municipalities, giving special attention to budgetary issues. Obviously it’s a free software, developed and distributed free through the web. PACD encourage everyone to take part in these small self-organized structures from the base to fight for transparency of public accounts and the right to effective participation.


Petra Cortright, VVebcam, 2007

60,000 viewings have reached the american’s artist Petra Cortright VVebcam video before youtube banned it in 2011 for including 733 labels identified as offensive content. The video itself does not show any content that suggest the labels used by the artist (“tits, vagina, sex, jose, puto, taco bell”), which points out the absurdity of the restrictions imposed by the platform who also disregarded these arguments made by the artist.

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